About Us

Provide a communication platform for the Malaysia-China health industry to connect and exchange ideas, in response to the Belt and Road Initiative and to promote resource
sharing and complementarity.
The health industry is currently one of the world’s major trends, and health care and anti-aging are truly valuable assets that humanity cares about in the future.
The Asian Celebrity Charity Gala raises funds for charitable organizations and embodies the spirit of “Respect the elderly, care for the young as we care for ourselves”, and bringing warmth to those in need of help.
To create a “win-win” scenario, FOREVER GACC Sdn Bhd will collaborate fully with the “One Belt One Road” policy and facilitate Chinese investment in Malaysia by organizing the following events.
To foster friendship between Malaysia and China.
To promote business opportunities between Malaysia & China.
To ensure the health and well-being of citizens in both Malaysia and China.